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General planning – integrated planning and design

We are working alongside our clients from the very first idea to project completion and start-up.

Depending on the requirements, BHM INGENIEURE works as owner’s engineer on behalf of the client, or as service provider for investors and contractors.

Our understanding of integrated planning and design is the interdisciplinary cooperation across all required fields of expertise with the goal of achieving successful outcomes both in technical as well as in economic terms.

At BHM INGENIEURE, ALL IN ONE means one-stop services from a single source with a team of in-house engineers and expert designers.

General planning comprises the following topics:

Project development

During project development it is crucial to take short-, medium- and long-term aspects into account.

Simultaneously, all parameters essential for the success of the project are defined in this early project phase.

Project management

Our project manager is the point of contact for the client and coordinates all processes, the involved designers, surveyors, authorities and contractors. Quality, costs and schedules are vital parameters in project management.

Construction design

Detailed calculations and designs are essential to fulfil client specifications and authority requirements.

We ensure that the design goals are met by increasing the level of detail in a systematic manner.

Site management

Site management ensures that the design specifications are adhered to.

At the same time, any problems which might arise are eliminated and practice-oriented solutions are found.

Follow-up services

Upon completion of the project, buildings and structures are handed over to the users.

The life cycle of a structure is optimised by ensuring appropriate maintenance. Defects or damage events are detected and rectified in good time.

Upon request of the client, we provide orderly follow-up support and organise and monitor the required maintenance measures.

Fields of expertise

Every field of expertise has its own rules and regularities. In-depth know-how in the design and practical experience in the implementation is what it takes for projects to be successful.

Our engineers and experts draw on long-term experience and systematically improve their skills. This is how we develop new insights and methods and incorporate them into our projects.

At BHM INGENIEURE, every single employee plays an active role in the interaction of different fields of expertise and their philosophies.

Our fields of expertise comprise:

Architecture / Civil engineering design

The objectives of successful architecture / civil engineering design are:

  • Aesthetic design
  • Perfectly matched material and colour concepts
  • Optimised functions and procedures
  • Flexible space allocation plans
  • Durable structures
  • Economical construction methods

In addition, it is also important to work out adequate solutions for technical issues such as

  • Daylight
  • Building physics
  • Room and architectural acoustics

The successful collaboration across all technical disciplines at BHM INGENIEURE leads to successful projects.

Structural engineering

Load-bearing structures need to support the creative possibilities available to architecture. The point is to design economical structures, whilst adhering to technical standards.

In this respect also common construction methods in the respective countries play a role. Reinforced concrete construction, structural steel works, timber structure and composite construction offer a multitude of options.

By giving thought to alternatives, BHM INGENIEURE identifies the optimal solution for each project.


Vibrations and noise have a negative impact on machinery, production, buildings and people.

The interaction between machines, engine foundations, buildings and technology requires an interdisciplinary solution as regards structural dynamics, machinery and soil dynamics as well as acoustics.

A major goal in new constructions or refurbishments is to ensure low vibration operation and to reduce stresses to the lowest level possible.

Building services / MEP

User demands and comfort requirements are mostly challenging.

Life cycle costs are significantly influenced by ongoing operating costs. Usually there is already a clear idea of the production costs. Considering this, the challenge is to develop the best options and systems.

At BHM INGENIEURE, building services / MEP comprise all mechanical and electrical installations required, including instrumentation and control systems.

Technical equipment and installations

Each production requires ensuring appropriate spatial relations and conditions. At the same time, different kinds of media are to be provided.

On the one hand, security of energy supply and media must be guaranteed and on the other hand, people, buildings and equipment must be protected in a sufficient way.

BHM INGENIEURE has extensive experience in all aspects of technical equipment and installations and fire protection systems.

Water resources management

With our water demand constantly being on the rise, catching, storing as well as distributing water and disposing or recycling of process water is becoming more and more important.

Furthermore, the required piping systems need to be serviced at regular intervals, to remain in a good state for a long time. This results in a need for plans and interior shots, i.e. a cadastral map which is up to date.

As general planner and technical engineering company, BHM INGENIEURE is capable of planning, designing and implementing turn-key systems and facilities and providing the cadastral maps required.

Traffic and transport planning

Individual and goods transport is increasingly putting existing infrastructure under pressure. At the same time there is a need for continuous expansion of our transportation networks.

Construction projects for roads and railway lines are interdisciplinary tasks which concern:

  • Alignments
  • Mechanical and electrical installations
  • Building design
  • Special structures
  • Residents
  • Environment

BHM INGENIEURE has many years of experience in these fields.


The idea-finding process for the overall facility, consisting of water intake structure, transmission lines and the location of the power house is decisive.

Naturally there are a number of possibilities and views. It is especially the topographical boundary conditions and the environmental requirements that need to be heeded and complied with.

BHM INGENIEURE draws on many years of experience in bringing about optimised complete solutions. The project teams consist of engineers of the technical disciplines of hydraulic, mechanical & electrical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering as well as civil engineering design.


We are striving to master the new challenges of our clients by implementing targeted processes of change.

Having new ideas, we develop services, test them and implement them on the market.

With continuous improvements, we are ensuring our own sustainability, being a trusted partner for our clients in the long term.

Innovation includes:

Rehabilitation of existing structures

Depending on the production process, buildings are subject to a great deal of strain and wear and tear. Even if professionally serviced, buildings come close to the end of their useful lives.

In many cases the circumstances for new construction are not given and comprehensive rehabilitation is the only option available.

BHM INGENIEURE is well-experienced in designing and realising building refurbishments without interrupting production cycles.


We must not overexploit our natural sources of life.

At the same time however, we need to master the challenges involved in the continued change of need by making modest modifications.

To us, sustainable means the efficient use of resources in building works, the delivery of low operating costs and the long-term preservation of value.

This is reflected in our consulting and design services, where we seek solutions with optimised impacts, interactions and dependencies.

Building certification

The whole life cycle costs of buildings include production costs and costs for a demand-driven use including demolition and disposal.

Looking at the costs throughout the whole life cycle, the costs for energy, operation and maintenance are much higher compared to the pure investment costs.

A building certificate in accordance with the Austrian Green Building Council (OEGNI) in the certification system of the German Green Building Council (DGNB) verifies and ensures that the whole process – design, construction, operation, demolition and disposal – is fully covered.

Whether it is about new constructions, upgrades or existing structures: BHM INGENIEURE assists you in obtaining a certification and provides the required consulting and design services.

Hybrid construction

Combining the two building materials of timber and concrete facilitates an efficient use of resources and an economic construction method alike.

High-quality laminated timber combined with serially manufactured prefabricated reinforced compound units, form precise building elements.

Spatial concepts and facade shapes can be chosen freely.

Prefabrication and just-in-time delivery to the construction site reduce the construction time and ensure high quality.

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